Ritual Digest

2016 & 2017

Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, believed that that human body was comprised of four fluids called the humors. A healthy individual was equally balanced in each of them. These fluids were: blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile. Imbalance in these humors altered the individual and compromised their well-being. Incorporating health mythologies that built the foundation for modern medicine, this project blurs the boundaries in input-output, cause-and-effect immunology. Experimenting in the materialisation and documentation, I aim to legitimise mythological therapy and alternative practices crowded by superstitions and doubt.

Humoral Wheel: Diagnostic Compass

Humoral Wheel: Diagnostic Compass

Diagnosing your Humor

  1. Rotate each disc into the hovering copper quarter according to your response on the designated level’s question.

  2. After going through each tier, the colored edges presented in the copper segment are totalled to reveal the humoral balance of an individual.

  3. The most dominant color is their prominent humor. The colors correspond to their names as blood is red, phlegm is blue, black bile is black and yellow bile is yellow.

Let food be thy medicine.
— Hippocrates